Theory #3 – Someone else had moved the body

Now this idea would be the simplest answer to all the strange happenings, were it not for the disciples’ insistence later on that they had seen Jesus alive again. It is just about credible that someone, perhaps the owner of the tomb, moved the body from the tomb in which he was hurriedly buried before the Jewish Sabbath began. If this had happened, then the disciples could still have genuinely believed that Jesus had been raised, even after having visited the correct tomb.

But the simple fact remains that the empty tomb alone would never have been sufficient evidence for the disciples to assume resurrection, let alone his opponents.

They would have believed, quite correctly, that someone else had displaced his body, either through spite to add insult to injury, or for some unknown reason. If Mary was right and somebody had indeed moved the body, she would never have had any reason to believe otherwise and change her mind. And yet, she did change her mind, along with all the other disciples of Jesus, and so this theory also fails to explain all the known facts and can therefore be discounted.

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