Appendix B – Further Reading

If you have enjoyed this booklet, you may like to look into this and other topics in more detail. Here is a selection of other resources that I have found helpful, which cover subjects on God, Jesus, the Bible and the relevance of faith in the modern world.

Life’s Biggest Questions, Mark Vincent An engaging and easy-reading book that pinpoints what is missing in modern life and argues that there is not only meaning to be found in belief in God, but also that there is good reason to believe.

Published by the Christadelphian ALS. Available from

Reasons, ed. Thomas E. Gaston This is more of an academic level book that explores in detail some of the reasons why belief in God, Jesus and the Bible is rational. There are diverse chapters ranging from topics in philosophy, textual criticism, history and science, one of which is about the Resurrection of Jesus.

Published by Willow Publications. Available from

Jesus, the Final Days: What really happened?, Craig A. Evans and N.T. Wright This is a short, entry-level book by two scholars who have elsewhere written extensively on the history of the New Testament. They explain how the events around the death and resurrection of Jesus can be reconstructed with a high degree of certainty.

Published by Westminster John Knox Press. Available from bookstores online and as an ebook.

Part of the Family Vol 1., Jason Hensley This book explores one example of how faith in the modern world can motivate a community to act with compassion. It is a moving collection of memories from Jewish Holocaust survivors who had been rescued as children by the Kindertransport, and who were housed by Christadelphian families. Included in the book is a helpful summary of the Christadelphian movement.

Published by the author. Available by following the link at

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