Bonus online content


Going through the evidence systematically is good.  That’s what The Hole in History is all about.  Trying to help you assess the evidence for yourself.

But it can also help to hear how other people have reached a conclusion that satisfies them.  So, if you have a spare few minutes, watch Dan and Paul describe their reasons for believing in the resurrection of Jesus at the links below.

They each provide their own personal journey and explain what they feel about the evidence.  Can you believe in a supernatural event and still be a rational person?  Is it normal to experience doubt?  What are the alternatives to accepting the claims of Jesus’ resurrection?  All this, and more, explained below.

A leap of faith across the gap?

Doubt, a sleepless night, and the power of three

If you’re interested in more online content about various Bible topics, then check out for videos, blogs and more to help you read and understand the Bible.

In particular, check out Episode 21 of the Bible Feed podcast which is a discussion about the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and about why it is important for Christians.